German for your profession

You can learn a foreign language 10 x faster in a native environment, than at home.

Choose 2-4 weeks intensive course in Murau – at the end of the summer, you will be able to speak it fluently and conquer your new workplace. Thus, unlimited possibilities in Europe will be open for you.

At the end of the course, you will not translate word for word, but really speak German! We guarantee that after a few weeks intensive course your chances for a good job in Austria and Germany will multiply.

This is the full time program for employees of companies that want to acquire practical, applicable knowledge of German as soon as possible and use it in their field of expertise. The group sessions have specific targeted topics based on the company wishes wich are translated into a topics workshop for “German in the company". This is exactly the requirements you will need for daily base work.

32 lesson (lessons) per week:
20 UE in the group each morning
12 UE topics workshop "Land and people" respectively in the afternoon

Each student receives upon completion of the program a certificate of participation with detailed information about the course content.

Group size:
Minimum 5 participants

 Every Monday of the month from May 2015.

inkl. 20% VAT  

1 - 4 per Week                    100%                     € 594

5 - 11 per Week                   95%                       € 564

12 - 23 per Week                 90%                       € 535

24 - 35 per Week                  80%                       € 475

36 - 52 per Week                  70%                       € 416

Secure your place now so that you don't waste any time and get a guaranteed course!

 The courses for German learning are limited!