German - Classic

This is the offer to get you started in the German language and has the perfect balance between learning and recreation.

The German course takes place in a group in the morning.

You can  learn German properly only in  German-speaking countries . Learn more and better German in two weeks in Austria than in two years at home.

Enjoy 2-3 weeks language holidays in the beautiful Murau! A safe and peaceful environment is the most important prerequisite to learn a language. You can start from scratch or as advanced to improve your German. In 2-3 weeks, you have a guaranteed breakthrough in the art of learning the German language.

After our summer courses, you will have an incredible advantage over the others in school or at the university. The lessons are designed so that progress will be made systematically in all areas of competence in speech and written language. Obviously, in the foreground will be the pleasure of using the German language.

20 group sessions per week, each in the morning
1 teaching unit (UE) = 45 min.
Each student receives a certificate of participation with detailed information on the courses after completion of the program.

Group size:
Minimum 5 participants

1 week-maximum 4 weeks (in 2015) start of the course:  Every Monday of the month from May 2015.

Price / Week / Person: 

VAT included

1 - 4  weeks               100%                     € 354

5 - 11 weeks              -5%                       € 336

12 - 23 weeks          -10%                       € 319

24 - 35 weeks              -20%                       € 283

36 - 52 weeks            -30%                       € 248