"Grüß Gott!"

Do you want to learn German quickly and effectively?

You can  learn German properly only in  German-speaking countries. You can learn more and better German in two weeks that you spend  in Austria, than when you study at home by yourself for two years.

 You want to  quickly and effectively learn German? Would you like to conquer and defeat your language inhibitions and speak fluent German? Want to pass the B2 language exam in German language quickly and safely?

 The professional German language school is waiting for you in Austria. In beautiful picturesque Murau  you make a quantum leap in the German language with the help by Absolute German.

 Secure your place now so that you don't waste any time and get a guaranteed course!

 The courses for German learning are limited!



Start dates for our summer courses are listed below:

A1 level: 06. 20. 2016
A2 level: 07. 04. 2016
B1 level: 07. 18. 2016
B2 level: 08. 01. 2016
C1 level: 08. 15. 2016

B1 courses will be filled soon!
If two of you apply for this course,
you get the second week with 50% discount for both of you!

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