German - Intensive

The intensive offer is for all of those who want to make fast progress in the German language.

German Learned interactively in the group. The topics workshop on "Land and people" you will get a closer look at the Austrian culture. Here, each participant receives a personal insight into the way of life and customs of the Austrian people.

You can learn German properly only in  German-speaking countries . You can learn more and better German in two weeks  in Austria, than when you study at home by yourself for two years.

Enjoy 2-3 weeks language holidays in the beautiful Murau! A safe and peaceful environment is the most important prerequisite to learn the German language. You can start from scratch or an advanced course to improve your German. In 2-3 weeks, you have a guaranteed breakthrough in the art of learning the German language.

32 lesson (lessons) per week:
20 UE in the group each morning
12 UE topics workshop "Land and people" respectively in the afternoon

Each student receives upon completion of the program a certificate of participation with detailed information about the course content.

Group size:
Minimum 5 participants

week-maximum 4 weeks (in 2015) start of the course:  Every Monday of the month from May 2015.


VAT included

1 - 4 per Week                                   100%                     € 474

5 - 11 per Week                                   95%                       € 450

12 - 23 per Week                                  90%                       € 427

24 - 35 per Week                                 80%                       € 379

36 - 52 per Week                                 70%                       € 332

Secure your place now so that you don't waste any time and get a guaranteed course!

 The courses for German learning are limited!